Building Websites that Work the way your business does
United Informatics Pvt. Limited is a leading web designing company providing solutions across the globe. We provide e-business transformation solutions to our enterprise customers as well as product realization services to our internet infrastructure customers.

We have 180 member strong creative team and provide a full range of services including Designing Hosting & Marketing solutions. These solutions are provided across a wide spectrum of technologies. Across specific industry groups which we focus on.

United Informatic's responsiveness to clients' needs -- combined with the firm's unflagging commitment to delivering the highest quality service -- results in United Informatic's standing as the hallmark of excellence in the Internet industry.

We have made our multidisciplinary focus and integrated approach the foundation of building strategy, online brands, enterprise systems and processes for our clients' competitive advantage.

Solutions Offered

Graphic Design
- The creations of original artwork and design elements for corporate/business logo's and WWW graphic elements. These elements combine to make a unique and appealing page that stands out.

Site Design - This is the set up of your pages, navigation system and the organizational concept as a whole. These elements come together to provide a functional site that is intuitive to use.

Interactive elements - The creation of animation, audio and visual elements, interactive pages and online services that are compatible with most WWW browsers.

Forms and CGI - CGI scripts allow custom features such as server pushes, database queries and security access to be implemented on WWW pages.

Server Programming - Using Javascript that creates custom effects such as scrolling displays and pop-up options that give extra impact to web site.

Data Conversion - Includes image color map stripping, format conversion, compression and optimization of graphics for World Wide Web publication. This also includes OCR and digital color scanning of both text and images to electronic form (subject to copyright laws).

HTML Authoring - The translation of your documents into worldwide web pages. This includes linking in graphics and other resources. For rapid response we can mark up your documents overnight.

Database Development - We also do database development, utilizing leading edge technology DHTML, XML, Active Flash as well as database solutions such as Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

We also specialize in conversion of printed catalogs to web-catalogs. We have a specialized setup for executing large projects with fast turnaround times.


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