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What is a dedicated Server ?

Why Choose dedicated Server ?

Which Operating System ?


Dedicated Hosting ---

Windows NT

Windows 2000

Sun Solaris

Cobalt RAQ


We offer generous amounts of bandwidth, and IP addresses at some of the most attractive prices around. All servers are connected straight to a switched Ethernet port, which is served by our 100mbps fast Ethernet backbone.

What is Colocation?
Let us suppose you wanted to place your personal computer or company workstation/server on the Internet. Normally, it would involve purchasing expensive equipment like a router, CSU/DSU and Internet connectivity, including charges from your Internet access provider and the phone company's local loop charges. Once the connection has been installed, you will need to learn how to setup the network and maintain it once it is operational. Sounds a little expensive and time consuming, doesn't it?

Why not consider colocating your server with us instead? You simply ship us your server, and we place it on our high-speed, all-digital network, assign IP numbers and run DNS for you at a fraction of the cost of getting your own dedicated connection. With remote access applications such as telnet and pcAnywhere®, you can perform all of the tasks needed to maintain the server. You will also have access to multiple IP numbers, DNS servers, 24x7 status monitoring and trained network technicians in the event you have any problems.

Description of services

All United Informatics Colocation services include the following at no additional cost:

  • High-speed connection to a dedicated switch port located in our state-of-the-art data center
  • United Informatic's performance guarantee
  • Level 1 Support included
  • Complete administrative access with no restrictions*
  • 24 x 7 network monitoring
  • Access to our password protected support site
  • 50 GB of traffic a month
  • Traffic Statistics.

Dedicated Servers
For clients that do not have hardware to place in our data center, we recommend United Informatic's Dedicated Windows Servers, Dedicated UNIX Servers or Dedicated RaQ Servers.

Technical Support
Technical support is available to all United Informatics clients. Technical support is priced in 'per incident' bundles. For more information and pricing on additional support please contact us via email.

Additional Bandwidth
All colocation servers come with 50 GB of data transfer a month. Additional bandwidth is sold at $5.00 a month per GB of transfer.

The only restriction that we place on the use of your United Informatics Colocation service is no spamming or illegal activities.

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