Building Websites that Work the way your business does

United Informatics specializes in developing web-enabled databases that fits the needs of your business. Many issues come into play when deciding the best way to present information on the web:
  • the platform your current database was developed with
  • the size of your database
  • the number of users accessing your data
  • security concerns related to data access
are all factors in deciding on the best solutions for delivering your data on the web.

United Informatics can help you decide through the options and find the best solution for your business.

Visual development tools:
These are just a few of the very solid development tools used to build and maintain the big commercial sites for banks, retailers, and insurance companies.

Allaire ColdFusion:
Adds Java and cross-platform functionality to its Web database development system.

IBM Visual Age Java and WebSphere:
These continue to garner the best endorsement--third-party use and support.

Oracle WebDB, JDeveloper, or Oracle Designer:
Your choice of increased sophistication versus ease of development.

Sun's Forte, Java, and iPlanet products:
These offer almost an embarrassment of riches.

Symantec Visual Age Java:
Provides new Java Server Pages and Enterprise JavaBeans in a very comfortable visual design framework.

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