Building Websites that Work the way your business does

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the ability of the medium to be interactive and customise information for customers. Interactivity can be key to success on the Internet but needs careful thought.

Individuals and groups are increasingly using interactive tools that offer innovative ways to share ideas and resources on the Internet. These include such technologies as listservs, Usenet, and chat systems that simulate conventional forms of communications online, and can be incorporated into Web sites.
  Since the Web is an interactive medium, users expect a high degree of interactivity. The more interactivity offered at your site, the higher its success and visitation rates will be. Besides links to different pages, other types of Web interactivity may be appropriate for your site. You may want to consider using a personalization application / service, file downloads, audio file(s), video clips), etc

Some programming may need to be included, such as interactive forms, site personalization, interactive maps, JavaScript features, etc.

Technical Web-based Solutions:
We are available to help your organization develop technical, Web-based solutions. United Informatics has know-how in the implementation of the latest site options. These include (but not limited to) live chat, online courses and testing, audio and video streaming.

We can also provide private and/or public interactive forums and online store services (e-commerce solutions) with secure transactions.

Site Enhancement Tools and Applications:
Various Web tools and applications can easily enhance the usability, functionality, and interest of your site(s). We have proven technological solutions for many of your organizational Internet, Intranet and/or Extranet needs and goals. These solutions can be adapted to your organization's look and feel. We can also modify or customize to your particular specifications.

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