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Excellent Web Site design requires that your site be easy to navigate for the surfer as well as having eye appeal, but still keeping in mind that people use a variety of browsers (ie: Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. at various levels of versions) which will display your site differently.

Site design also encompasses the organization of information and interactive features of the site. Multiple levels of content, navigation from one area to another and technical requirements are common elements which must be considered in the design of any site.
  Think of site design not just as the appearance of your home page, but also as a process involving strategy, content development, page design, programming, testing and maintenance. Successful implementation of a project starts with planning. Our experienced project managers will bring their expertise to the table, providing professional advice on everything from design and development to testing and deployment.

United Informatics Internet Services provides Internet and Intranet web site design and development for all types and sizes of businesses. We work in conjunction with businesses to design and develop web sites reflecting those businesse's unique image. At the same time, the web site is developed to maximize suitability for the targeted Internet audience.

  Listed below are the phases United Informatics uses in designing and developing distinctive business Web Sites:
Phase 1:
Project Scope - The first step of Web Site development is to determine the goals and scope of the project, the client's target audience and any specific characteristics the client may want to include into the site. Setting the project scope will lay the groundwork from which a successful web site can be designed. Upon completion, United Informatics submits a detailed proposal based on the client's needs and requests. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a project timeline is then developed.

Phase 2:
Site Content - The second step is to work with the client and collect all of the information and content to be included on the actual web site. This includes, but is not limited to, the text portion of the site. The information must be clear, informative and current. The digital graphic design, image editing and animation interface is the tone and feel of the site. United Informatics creates customized navigational graphics and overall site appearance to augment each client's business identity. We bring each client's personality to life on the Internet.

Phase 3:
Site Layout - The third step is to design the actual layout of the Web Site. The layout and design is equally as important as the content and graphics of the site. United Informatics determines the best way to present the material, link sections together and create a site flow that provides easy navigation. The World Wide Web is a visual, interactive medium; poor layout and design can hinder success. United Informatics provides expertise on what makes a successful design and layout function, as well as appropriate "netquette".

Phase 4:
Programming HTML - The fourth step consists of the actual HTML ( HyperText Markup Language ) programming of the site. It is during this stage that the content, design and layout are pulled together to create a compelling multimedia web site. At the same time, we are mindful of elements unique to each browser, such as the differences in HTML interpretation. United Informatics will work to provide the best possible presentation for all site visitors.

These visitors want to see dynamic, interactive and up-to-date content and information. We believe the greatest advantage of the World Wide Web is its ability to convey new and updated content instantaneously. If a Web Site is not updated on a regular basis, the site will become stale. Consequently, visitors are not likely to return.

Phase 5:
Project Completion - The fifth step consists of reviewing the site to determine if all aspects of the contract have been met. The project is then submitted for the client's approval. At this point, if there are no changes required, the web site is considered complete and is ready to "go live" on the Internet..

Phase 6:
Marketing and Announcement - The sixth and final step includes registering the site with major search engines on the web. Search engines provide a way to locate web sites usually by key word searches.

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