Why Mailz Network?

For Access to email from anywhere

  • Mailz Network is Web-based email service. You can check your mail from more than one computer and your messages will always be available because they are stored securely on the Web.
  • Mailz Network allows you access to your email from wherever you are-at work, while traveling, at the local public library, or at school in the computer lab.
  • Mailz Network gives you a central storage place! You can read the same piece of mail from home and from work, from a cyber cafe or from your friend's house.
  • You don't need to own a computer to use Mailz Network. All you need is a Web connection, and Mailz Network will store all of your email for you.

It's a generic permanent email address

  • With Mailz Network you receive your very own lifetime email address that works independently of your Internet Service Provider.
  • If you ever change jobs, schools or Internet providers you still have your same email address and you won't have to inform your friends and colleagues of a new address.
  • You can collect from any other email accounts you have, whether from school or work, and use your Mailz Network account as your central location for all message management.

Email that is private and secure

  • Mailz Network gives you your own personal, private Internet mailbox.
  • If you are currently sharing an email account and are worried about privacy Mailz Network is the solution for you. Each Mailz Network subscriber receives their very own email address.
  • If you have a work email address you can now have a separate personal address for your use, keeping work and personal correspondence separate.
  • Mailz Network is safe and secure, protected by your password so nobody else can access your mail.

Mailz keeps you in touch

  • Mailz Network keeps you in touch with your friends and family.
  • Universal address book that can be accessed at anytime which will keep you in contact with friends and family from wherever you may be.
  • A permanent address gives your correspondents something to remember that will never change.

It's the last email address you'll ever need
Mailz Network offers you all the services you'll ever need in an email service-and we're always getting better. If you need an email service that offers a generic small mail address, junk mail blocking, paging, attachments, POP mail access then look no further. You're there.

How can Mailz Network be free?
Mailz Network is supported by advertisers and their banner ads which are placed on top of every Mailz Network page.

Who should use Mailz Network ?
Mailz Network , your personal, private and permanent email service offers something for everyone.

  • Mobile Professionals: Access your email from the road. Take advantage of our forwarding services when away from the office. You can even have Mailz Network collect your mail from other POP addresses.
  • Families with one email account or shared Internet access: If your tired of sharing your mailbox with other people in your household or small business, Mailz Network can give you your own personal and private address.
  • Students: Don't worry about graduating and losing your email address. Mailz Network will supply you with a permanent address that will keep you in touch with your friends and family, forever!
  • Teachers: If you have more students than Internet access accounts, Mailz Network can give your students a fully functional email address within minutes for free!
  • If you are without a computer or Internet access: Signup with Mailz Network and you can have an email address on the Internet without a computer! You can access your mail from a local library, an Internet café, or a friend's house.
  • Thinking of switching your Internet access provider: If you are thinking about switching your access provider, you don't need to worry about losing your email address. Your address will always be yourname@mailz.net


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