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Our Mission
PaperlessNEWS.com mission is to organize the world's news & information, making it universally accessible and useful.

Our Focus
PaperlessNEWS.com focuses exclusively on delivering the best news experience on the World Wide Web. Through innovative advances in technology, PaperlessNEWS.com helps its users find the information they're looking for with unprecedented levels of ease, accuracy, and relevancy. The company delivers its services to individuals and enterprises through its own public destination site, www.PaperlessNEWS.com, and through affiliate sites ie: mailz.net.

PaperlessNEWS.com is a division of United Informatics (P) Limited.

Based on years of research in News & information and large-scale data mining about news on the web, it was determined that the news & current event information on the web needed a logical indexing for faster search & retrieval. He worked with a mission and developed an intelligent methodology for finding news & information on the Internet.

By using a complex analysis he could estimate the quality or importance -- and thus the relevancy -- of the news related web pages available to an average user.

His research efforts resulted in the creation of a sophisticated, next-generation news portal that provides information on news & media in correlation to its importance and relevance. This logical and scalable approach to news sources enables PaperlessNEWS.com to get better as the Internet gets bigger. The benefit to PaperlessNEWS.com users is the accurate and high-quality, highly relevant information results.

The Internet's growth as a massive, dynamic repository of the world's information continues at an unprecedented rate. Forrester Research estimates that 1.5 million pages are added to the Internet each day. According to a recent NEC Research Institute report, the publicly indexable web contains about 800 million pages, encompassing about 6 terabytes of text data, on about 3 million servers.

Because Internet users must rely on technology to help find and sort through vast amounts of information, web directories & search engines have been widely recognized as critical components to Internet use. However since with the enormous growth of net, most general purpose search engines produced more junk results that the relevant ones.

Our approach to NEWS & Information on the Internet
PaperlessNEWS.com's innovative indexing and elegant user interface design set PaperlessNEWS.com apart from today's web directories & search engines. Also rather than using only a particular keyword or metasearch to search the whole of worldwide web, PaperlessNEWS.com, in its affiliation with everyone.net uses subject specific search engines for more relevant & specific results. Since almost every user know the broad subject under which the relevant result shall fall, PaperlessNEWS.com search, searches only the subject specific search engines for better, more targeted & quality results.

  • An Elegant, Easy-to-Use Interface: PaperlessNEWS.com's multiple search boxes, interface is designed to make it easy for users to enter search queries in the subject specific box. Results are presented from the best subject specific engines so that the user shall have fewer but better targeted results. PaperlessNEWS.com offers searches for users to find information within a special topic.
  • Multiple Search Capability: Unlike conventional search engines which search into their own limited database, PaperlessNEWS.com simultaneously searches the best & most relevant search engines simultaneously & presents only the most relevant results
  • Results are delivered in order of importance and relevance: PaperlessNEWS.com helps users get to the results they're looking for by delivering the most relevant and important results first.

Company Profile
PaperlessNEWS.com focuses on delivering the best news & information sources on the World Wide Web. Through innovative indexes, it helps its users find the news & information they're looking for quickly and effectively. The company delivers its services through its own public site, www.PaperlessNEWS.com.

Business Model
PaperlessNEWS.com offers advertisers a good quality web location to attract customers. Traffic from www.PaperlessNEWS.com, combined with traffic to United Informatics (P) Limited's other sites like www.mailz.net offer a one-stop quality presence on the web to an advertiser.

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