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Search2Search.com is one of the biggest source to the searchables on the web. Unlike conventional search engines which search into their own limited database, Search2Search.com simultaneously searches the best & most relevant search engines simultaneously & presents only the most relevant results.

Beside its searching, Search2Search.com provides links to various search engines for specific searching such as academic, city, conversational, women, travel, sports, music, medical, kids, hobby, gambling, writing, wine, web master etc.

Search2Search.com also provides an option to search by country search engines. Here the link is provided to a particular country page, which provides links to all the search engines of that particular country. One can easily go to a particular country page & choose any of the search engine of that country to search for his requirement. Search2Search.com has more than 150 country pages leading to link to more than 1200 search engines of the world.

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