Building Websites that Work the way your business does
United Informatics helps companies meet the challenges of the new century head-on with integrated eBusiness services that build and shape the digital enterprise.

United Informatics is an advanced provider of web applications and E-commerce solutions. We offer high quality solutions for professional Web Site design and development, Flash animation and interactivity, ecommerce, internet marketing and consulting, art direction, graphic design, digital imaging, corporate identity design and visual solutions for business and technology.

At United Informatics, we know that the Internet isn't about technology. It's about people and communication and relationships. We understand the Internet.

United Informatics has created web presences for businesses in the health care, financial and manufacturing communities.

United Informatics is supported by a competent and experienced team of professionals.

Our multidisciplinary approach supports true end-to-end business transformation with expertise throughout the entire transaction chain including: eBusiness strategy, interactive web solutions, application and integration services, data-driven solutions, wireless expertise and eStewardship.

The true value of technology is what it can do for the human factor. Your success depends on the quality of your connections. The deeper your relationships with customers, business partners and employees, the greater your opportunities for success.

Exceptional talent, proven methodologies and steadfast partnerships with leading technology providers are the foundation of every United Informatics solution.

eBusiness solutions for Success
United Informatics aims to provide solutions for our clients that will:
  • Reduce overheads.
  • Customize customer relationship-adding significant value to the vendor-customer relationship, thereby ensuring customer loyalty.
  • Provide a vastly superior access to decision making information.
  • Expand their revenue generation.
Our goal is to help you build your business, increase your market presence, and generate revenue. By having a means to present your products or services to the global market, you can reach an estimated 200 million internet users and potential customers with your message. The best thing is that this can all be done for a fraction of the cost of traditional print, radio, or TV advertising.

Graphic Design - The creations of original artwork and design elements for corporate/business logo's and WWW graphic elements. These elements combine to make a unique and appealing page that stands out.

Site Design - This is the set up of your pages, navigation system and the organizational concept as a whole. These elements come together to provide a functional site that is intuitive to use.

Interactive elements - The creation of animation, audio and visual elements, interactive pages and online services that are compatible with most WWW browsers.

Forms and CGI - CGI scripts allow custom features such as server pushes, database queries and security access to be implemented on WWW pages.

Server Programming - Using Javascript that creates custom effects such as scrolling displays and pop-up options that give extra impact to web site.

Data Conversion - Includes image color map stripping, format conversion, compression and optimization of graphics for World Wide Web publication. This also includes OCR and digital color scanning of both text and images to electronic form (subject to copyright laws).

HTML Authoring - The translation of your documents into worldwide web pages. This includes linking in graphics and other resources. For rapid response we can mark up your documents overnight.

Database Development - We also do database development, utilizing leading edge technology DHTML, XML, Active Flash as well as database solutions such as Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

We also specialize in conversion of printed catalogs to web-catalogs. We have a specialized setup for executing large projects with fast turnaround times.

and much more..........

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